Dr. King Letter From a Birmingham Jail From the Birmingham jail, where he was imprisoned as a participant in nonviolent demonstrations against segregation, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote in longhand the letter which follows. It was his response to a public statement of concern and caution issued by eight white religious leaders of the South. Dr. King, who was born in 1929, did his undergraduate work at Morehouse College; attended the integrated Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania, one of six black pupils among a hundred students, and the president of his class; and won a fellowship to Boston University for his Ph.D. https://v-tip.com/view/embed/248 https://ms1.v-tip.com/files/000/000/000/003/thumb/072019031302_5d1cdfbed1c8f.png Documentation: Miscellaneous 2019-07-03 2019-07-03