10 Gigabit Networking No home automation system can live without a good home networking environment.  In this video, I go over how I added 10 gigabit nic to my smart home server. This video goes along with the enterprise server build playlist you can find here.I reference the following items from ebay below** :In addition all credit goes to craft computing and his excellent video here. ‚ÄčThe NICI used the NC5525FP 10 gigabit nic on my unraid server.  You can find similar cards on Ebay here (note: the seller I used is out of stock so the link provided is not a link to his/her store)**:The SwitcherAlso, I used a Mikrotik Cloud Smart Switch CSS326-24G-2S+RM router (note: I could not find the router referenced in Cloud Computing’s video).Also note, I first had a Mellonix card (as referenced in the craft computing video) but would not talk to the Mikrotik router for whatever reason using Unraid and the adapters).   This router has two sfp ports and 24 1 gigabit ports and worked well for me.    Here is a link to the ebay store **:Finally, for 10 gigabit networking my way, I had to get two other devices a multimode cable and the fiber adapters.   Believe it or not doing this was cheaper for me given the cost of the LC LC cable and the fiber adapters.The adaptersAgain compatibility is important so I would get the same brand make and model.    Here is a list on ebay **:You will need two.  One for each end. I got mine from here (which was a little more expensive than the others):  In either case for two you are looking at 20 bucks at the most. The cablesFinally, the fiber LC LC cable.  I got mine from Monoprice.  Here are the listing from their ebay store: Note: due to the proximity of my server to my router, I got a freakishly long 15m cable (which I am glad I did).    As you can see even at that length its only around 20 bucks.   Remember you want LC to LC.  I think all of those cards are aqua colored are LC to LC.  Avoid the LC to SC and other iterations. The cable should not be more than about 20 bucks.  So 40 bucks at the most with the adapters.  I have seen cables that include the adapters for very reasonable costs as well. Again, you could go with a normal sfp cable I suppose (I went the above route because I needed a long cable).  Just a quick search on ebay here **: Puts anything over 5m 10 bucks and up.Once you get all the parts, things should be plug and play on the unraid side.   The same should be said for the windows side, but is anything ever really easy on windows????----------------------------------** these are affiliate links. If clicked and purchased, a small fee will go to yours truly. Science/Technology: Computers (non mobile) 2019-05-09 2019-05-09 10 gigabit networking, home networking, home automation diy, smart home