How did I do? - Mysmartblinds Home Automation For the premiere episode of How Did I Do, I’m doing a MySmartBlinds diy Home Automation Kit Review!*** If you're like me and you want to use your smartphone or echo to automate things in your home, this is the video for you. For almost a year I've been looking for a diy home automation solution to control my vertical blinds.  I was at Blinds To Go recently and they had automated blinds that cost around $270 for the motor alone. And they don't do anything but open and close your blinds. No scheduled blinds. No "Alexa" commands. Just open and close. That's it. From my research there is only product that does all of that and that's MySmartBlinds. MySmartBlinds Automation Kit allows you to transform those new 2-2 ½ inch horizontal blinds you bought from Home Depot or Lowes into automated blinds.  All that hype sounds well and good but can an ordinary person like myself install the MySmartBlinds Home Automation Kit into 2 inch blinds and get them to work?With the help of a number of videos, like Tech with Brett's excellent video series done almost a year ago, I will see if I can do it. How did I do? Take a look?***Note: while this video features MySmartBlinds, it is not a paid promotion or endorsement of the product. All views and opinions are that of the hosts and no one else. *****************************And don’t forget to check out our blog at for additional information on what is contained here. And if you’re feeling generous you can support this channel at our store at *************************The following links were either referenced in the video above or could be helpful if you choose to do your own thing:You can purchase MySmartBlinds automation kit from their Ebay store here.The Bluetooth Smart Switch from their Ebay store here.Charing Cable from Ebay Store here.Disclaimer: while this video is not sponsored or endorsed by anyone affiliated with the products featured, the links above are affiliate links to help support the show. If clicked and purchased, a small commission will go to the channel. I try my best to link to stores that I have either purchased directly from or that I believe are legitimate (i.e. the manufacturer’s store page). diy 2019-04-09 home automation, smart home, home automation project, MySmartBlinds, MySmartBlinds Automation Kit, how to home automation diy,savant home automation diy 2019-08-09