Enterprise Server Build This is a multi-part video on how I built my own custom enterprise class server.Shout out to the Youtube Channels for:Byte My BitsandSpaceinvader OneYou guys inspired me to do this build.  These are the major parts I am using (note: all items are used except the ones with * and ebay store links are affiliate links** ):Motherboard* Ram (ebay store affiliate link)* **CPU (Ebay store affiliate link to E5 1620 v3) * ** CPU (Ebay store affiliate link to E5-2648L V3)* **HeatsinkPower SupplyThe server OS will be UNRAIDUPDATE:Also, special shoutout to goodwillretech.   They have super fast shipping, great customer service/ response time and purchases benefits charity. They handled my return in great fashion** DISCLAIMER: if clicked and purchased, a small portion of the money paid will go to support this channel. How To...: Build... 2018-12-19 2018-12-19