Lets Talk Monopoly In episode two of Let's Talk Brooklyn, Host Dr Susan Birne Stone talks games with Megan Minturn. Megan is a dancer and choreographer who has a new dance performance based on the secret history of one the world's most popular games, Monopoly. In this episode we talk about a game created two decades earlier called The Landlord's Game. We talk about its visionary creator Elizabeth Magie,how her game was stolen and sold to Parker Brothers as the first version of Monopoly and how Megan turned this story into a performance. For more on this episode go to and see the behind the scenes video of the making of the custom puppets used in the performance. Web series: Talk Shows 2017-04-24 VTIP Productions 2017 Eric Darnley Small Eric Darnley Small true electronic monopoly, monopoly, dance company, dance Monopoly: The Landlords Game Brooklyn, NY Eric Darnley Small Let's Talk Brooklyn monopoly 2017