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The World As I Like It To Be Podcast

The World As I Like It To Be is an audio web series (aka podcast) hosted by Eric Darnley Small where we talk about police and politics, health and religion and a whole host of other topics.

In season one, I talk with retired police detective Darnley Small about becoming a police officer and later a police instructor for the New York City Police Department's Human Relations Unit. Detective Small did advanced specialized training for all police officers from beat cops to captains and department heads.  His training included community policing and police sensitivity training for the department. 

Next, I talk to Denise from California about politics in the US and the Golden State.  Denise is a local activist in the Los Angeles area who is trying to get justice democrats elected nationwide. 

Please check out our blog at for additional information on each episode.   You can support this show by going to and  you can find us on Apple iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Google Play, RadioPublic and more!

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