The World As I Like It To Be Podcast We have the best political podcast on the topics of policing, descrimination and the 2020 election. On our podcast we interview professionals and political activists to find how they would like the world to be. Podcasts: Web Series 2018-06-12 2018-06-12 best political podcasts,progressive podcasts,liberal podcast,best news podcast,podcast to listen to VTIP Productions Eric Darnley Small

The World As I Like It To Be Podcast

The World As I Like It To Be is an audio web series (aka podcast) hosted by Eric Darnley Small.  For over two years, a variety of guests have come on to talk about police and politics, health and religion and a whole host of other topics.

Now we have a variety of new and old contributors from all walks of life. And with new contributors comes new topics like pop culture, technology, sci/fi and fantasy (books,tv and moves), reality tv and finally celebrity gossip!  We still remain committed to politics and now the show is excited to have a conservative contributor as well.

You can support this show by going to or at our paypal page and you can find us on Apple iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, Radio Public and more! Sit back and enjoy the show. We debut new shows during the week at 3:30pm EST.  And beginning in 2021 we will have a video live stream.  Listen to our show to get more details.

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